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Three things to check if it’s hot outside AND inside 

Summer is here again! It’s time for BBQ, road trips, and a dip in the pool. All this fun in the sun can get curtailed if you come home to a hot house! The weather may be warm outside, but, if you have air conditioning, your house should provide some cool relief! If it’s not, here are some things to check before you call for maintenance:

Check the thermostat setting

The first thing to try when the air inside just isn’t cool is to make sure your thermostat is set at “Cold” instead of Heat. It’s kind of like the A/C version of restarting your computer to see if that helps 😉  

Check your furnace filter

You should change this every three months to help the cool air (or hot air in the winter) flowing freely. Usually, you will find a few extra filters next to the furnace that you can use to change the dirty one. If you need help checking your filter or need extra ones, please contact us and someone can come out to check this for you.

Check your thermostat battery

Now that most things are digital, we rely on batteries a lot more. Make sure to replace the battery if you are having trouble and see if that helps as a weak battery may not signal the air conditioner to start running.

If you have checked all of the above, and are still having trouble, then it’s time to contact your landlord so they can send someone out to check on this.