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As you get ready to move out of your apartment, we wanted to share some information about ending your lease along with things that should and should not happen before you leave.

Remove all of your belongings from the property and take out the trash when moving out

You can check out our previous blog post here but generally, you’ll want to remove every single thing that you brought into the apartment before moving out. This includes all of your trash and anything that you maybe want to have thrown away.

If you are renting in The Ohio State University area the University District will have dumpsters set up throughout the District for large items.

Clean before you go–don’t forget to wipe down the range/oven and empty the refrigerator!

Yes, you seriously need to clean before you move out of your apartment. Run the vacuum, wipe down counters, clean out the refrigerator, and clean out the oven.

Call to have the utilities taken out of your name on the date your lease ends

Make those calls! Give them an end date and get your name taken off the utilities when you move out. Unless you feel like paying someone else’s bill when the new lease starts.

Submit a forwarding address to us so you can get your deposit back

Landlords are not magicians. We need YOU to provide the forwarding address so that your security deposit can be returned to you. It is very important that you follow all of the terms of your lease when moving out of your apartment.

At BA Realty the security deposit checks go out in the mail at the end of August. If you pay for water at your apartment, the last water bill will be deducted equally from you and your roommates’ security deposits. So be sure to clarify with your landlord before you move out.

Return your keys when moving out

Don’t forget to return your keys as the very last step of moving out.

Let us know if we missed anything and good luck in your future dwellings!